Aarhus City Lab is a product of the shared efforts of several internal municipal departments. In collaboration with various external actors, we work with the development, testing and demonstration of new technologies. We are currently active in fields such as IoT, AI, open data, open source, drones, and robotics. The vast majority of our projects are carried out in transnational or international collaborations and involve private businesses.

Aarhus City Lab is a physical, open air ‘science center’, centered around Havnepladsen between DOKK1 and Navitas, stretching up along Randersvej to Agro Food Park in Aarhus North. The space and related facilities constitute a showroom, in which we display innovative solutions that contribute to the development of the city. We seek out dialogue with other actors of the city, not just about the technology itself, but very much so about the social and civic implications of increasing tech-influence upon society and the city.

There is room for important debates of privacy vs surveillance, data ethics, the aesthetics of technology in physical urban spaces, human decisions vs decisions made by AI, open data and many other interesting and vital perspectives.

Thus Aarhus City Lab is a testbed for technology and Smart City solutions, and a space for creating and nourishing dialogue and partnerships between the municipality, entrepreneurs, businesses, researchers, students and citizens.

Aarhus City Lab is run by a team of skilled and dedicated profiles with broad professional backgrounds in fields such as development, technology, anthropology, communications and business development. We are based in ITK on DOKK1.

Read more here on our website, about how you may collaborate with us, and which projects we are currently working on.

Feel free to contact us for additional information at aarhuscitylab@aarhus.dk